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signed contracts with Delia Sherman for her latest novel, The Freedom Maze. Yay! Delia’s been working on this novel for years and we can’t wait to get it out to readers. Well, because of how this biz works, “can’t wait”= November! (Which, daftly, seems just around the corner in publishing terms. Bet this book is on our Best Books for the Holidays 2011 list. Ha!) The Freedom Maze is a Big Mouth House hardcover:

13-year-old Sophie isn’t happy about spending summer at her grandmother’s old house in the Bayou. But the house has a maze Sophie can’t resist exploring once she finds it has a secretive and playful inhabitant. When she makes an impulsive wish, she finds herself suddenly one hundred years in the past, in 1860. And, she is taken for a slave.

And from there, things get interesting.

We’re working on a cover (with a maze, natch), and we’ll have galleys by May if not before and we’ll try and keep y’all up to date with the happenings!


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