Submission Guidelines

2022 update: We still read paper submissions but are much slowed down.


Here are the submission guidelines for Small Beer Press (books), for our zine Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and for artists.

Small Beer Press

  • Email queries will be deleted. Really.
  • We do not publish nonfiction or poetry collections or chapbooks.
  • Please do not submit your work to the editors’ personal email addresses, thank you.
  • We continue to seek out work by women and writers of color.

We publish 6-10 books per year. We pay a small advance and standard royalties. Our ebook royalty rate is 40% of net receipts. Please be familiar with our books first to avoid wasting your time and ours, thank you.

Please send a query with a synopsis and the first 10-30 pages of the book (not the full manuscript) in standard manuscript format, and an SASE (with a Forever Stamp or an international reply coupon*) by mail to:

Small Beer Press
150 Pleasant St., #306
Easthampton, MA 01027

* If you would like your manuscript returned, please attach enough postage/include enough IRCs to cover it, thank you. If your country no longer uses IRCs, we will reply by email.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

We do not accept email, multiple, or simultaneous submissions. Response time is about six months. We read everything, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Our apologies for reading so slowly. At the moment we are only reading paper submissions. If six months has passed and you contact us we will try and reply with our decision.

We occasionally solicit work but most of what we publish is work that comes in over the transom and we are very happy that we have generally published a couple of new writers in each issue. We continue to seek out work by women and writers of color.

We recommend you read Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet before submitting. You can procure a copy from us or from assorted book shops.

We accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and black and white art*. The fiction we publish most of tends toward but is not limited to the speculative. We do not publish gore, sword and sorcery, or pornography. We can discuss these terms if you like. There are places for them all, this is not one of them.

We recommend sending work that has been through at least one round of revision for both our sanities.

Please follow standard ms format: 12 pt Courier, double-spaced, numbered pages, &c. and an SASE with a Forever Stamp for a reply. We will reply to international submissions via email.

We buy first North American serial rights (and occasionally we solicit reprints), nonexclusive electronic rights, and a nonexclusive anthology right. The paper and ebook editions of LCRW come out twice yearly. This website, although we very occasionally publish something on it, is not a paying market.

Fiction: US$0.03/word, $25 minimum. Poetry: $10/poem. Cover art: $100. Paid on publication by check or Paypal. Contributors receive 2 copies of the issue in which their work is published and can buy further copies of that issue at a 40% discount.

Thank you.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
150 Pleasant St., #306
Easthampton, MA 01027

* Original black and white art should not be sent unless it is disposable. Do not send color (or colour) art unless you are sending enough money with it for us to print a color cover. Jpeg files and anything readable by Photoshop should work. I use the word “should” advisably.

Artist Guidelines

We use a few freelance artists per year. Artists can email (info at smallbeerpress dot com) us their websites or some selections, add us to their mailing list, or mail us (nonreturnable) pieces. We rarely reply to queries or pitches from artists, rather contacting artists as each book/project requires.


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