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Rights List

Contact For the following, please contact us at the address below:

  • Subsidiary Rights (Film or dramatic, Audio, Large Print, &c.)
  • Permissions Requests
  • Review copy or author interview requests
  • Special Sales (To non-book retailers corporations, organizations, catalogs, etc.)
  • Letters to Authors

Small Beer Press
150 Pleasant St., #306
Easthampton, MA 01027
Email (preferred mode): [email protected]
t/f: 413.203.1636

Our office is on the lands traditionally owned by the Pocomtuc people and we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners. We would also like to pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and Native Elders of other communities who may be here today.


Volunteers, &c.

  • We do not have an intern program, sorry.
  • We are always interested in website help.
  • We could do with a few volunteer moderators for conversation threads and so on at Goodreads, LibraryThing, and any (almost) other site you can think of.
  • We really enjoy fan videos.
  • We are always hoping for chefs, bakers, gardeners(!) and so on.
  • We are seriously interested in more translations — especially of Angélica Gorodischer. However, we are monolingual (sorry) which makes the editorial process difficult. If you are a grad student looking for a translation project which may be of interest to us, we recommend Gorodischer’s Trafalgar* and Prodigies**.
    * We are excited to report that this line here brought a translation our way and we are proud to announce that in 2013 we published Amalia Gladhart’s translation of Trafalgar. Thank you Amalia and the internets!
    ** And doubly excited that in 2015 we published Sue Burke’s translation of Prodigies.

Previous interns:

Diane Kelly, Vanessa Scott, Gabrielle Mos, Ariel Franklin-Hudson, Gwyneth Merner, Caitlin Beck, Erik Gallant, Heidi Smith, Lauren Rile Smith, Julia Botero, Margaret Kinney, Katherine Duckett, Anna Katherine Sears, Danielle Baldassini, Kendell Diane Richmond, Leah Zander, Anna Brenner, Christian Desrosiers, Faune Albert, Sara Majka, Paul Bozzo, Felice Ling, Nicholas Miriello, Kristen Evans, Abram Thau, Samantha Guilbert, Cristi Jacques, Matthew Harrison, Su-Yee Lin, Hannah Goldstein, Molly Seeley, David Mitchell, Dustin Buchinski, Geoffrey Noble, Kimberly Pavlovich, Jennifer Terpsichore Abeles, Julie Day.


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