Where Are These Books?


Where can I go to buy Small Beer Press books in the real world (and elsewhere)?

The first stop is any bookshop (preferably an independent) in your town. An easy way to find a store is on Indiebound. If the bookshop doesn’t have our book in stock, they can order it.

Our books are distributed to the trade in the USA, Canada, and internationally by Consortium and stocked by Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.


Here are a few stores that carry LCRW:

We are always happy to add more bookshops: LCRW is available at the usual discounts (5+ copies/40% discount).

We distribute LCRW to stores and subscribers. LCRW slips between the cracks — it’s (relatively) cheap, it’s b&w, it’s an odd size, it only comes out twice a year — so it’s not a good fit for most distributors. Therefore distribution and bookshop suggestions are welcome. Contact us at the usual address—or comment on this page.

If you would like postcards of the books to put in coffeeshops or bookshops, send us an email and we’ll send you some, gratis!

Although we hope you have a good local independent bookshop to shop at, our books are also in chain stores and online at all the usual sites big and small. We encourage you to write reviews, comments, ratings, &c. and spread the word on any of our books you have enjoyed. And, if you do get around to that, do it for some other titles you like, too. It doesn’t take long, and (apparently) it’s great for everyone concerned.


Buy local