How social are you?

Thu 9 Apr 2009 - Filed under: Not a Journal., , | Posted by: Gavin

We just got a query on how socially Web 2.0 (isn’t it 2.1 by now?) this press is. Not much, we said. We’re the retiring types. It’s fun to put the books out there, not us. But then the listing began. And did it go on:

  1. Obviously we have this bloggity-type thing with RSS feed and livejournal syndication for which we sometimes get people to write but usually it is robot-produced text (such as this: 1001011010101000110).
  2. We dropped myspace: hated it. (It would be great if we were a band. We’re not.)
  3. We’re on Scribd.
  4. We’re on LibraryThing.
  5. We’re sort of on Flickr.
  6. And on YouTube.
  7. We’re on Facebook. (Fixed, thanks Jed!)
  8. Gavin’s on IndieBound—we should add the press as an indie business—and Goodreads.
  9. Some of our authors are on Twitter (although god knows we’re not, so maybe we can add to this later): Benjamin Parzybok, Holly Black, Jedediah Berry, Alan DeNiro, & ?

Not sure which of these is our favorite. Or if there’s something else that would be fun to join?