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Just marked the limited editions of Hal Duncan’s An A-Z of the Fantastic City and Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners as out of print. Yay! This might have something to do with updating the LCRW subscription page.

There are a few unsigned, unnumbered hardcovers of the former for sale and it is still available in the saddle stitched chapbook edition and ebook. The interior illustrations by Eric Schaller are so great and fit the book so well that we only ever made a pdf ebook — perfect for your big phone, water proof (really?) tablet, computational device — see for example the frontispiece below.


Hal Duncan’s A-Z

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Hal Duncan’s excellent new chapbook, An A-Z of Fantastic Cities is being printed at Thomson-Shore. However, due to the the production price being more than twice what was expected, we have had to increase the limited edition price from $25 to $50. There are about a dozen copies left. Existing orders are grandfathered in at the old price.

The regular edition is being printed at Paradise Copies. Pre-orders will ship once the limited edition arrives in the office.

In which we announce a Hal Duncan chapbook!

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An A–Z of the Fantastic City cover - click to view full sizeThis morning in our email newsletter we let go of a secret which we have been keeping (but not very well) for about four years: we are going to publish a beautiful little chapbook from Hal Duncan! And the orders have been pouring in! For which we thank you from the bottoms of our rusty old hearts!

Here’s the announcement: This year we are bringing back our long-delayed chapbook series. We have one title here, another in the planning stages, and another in the idea stage. Seems like enough to be worth talking about. We’re not taking chapbook subscriptions anymore, as the new chapbooks may vary in price more than the the previous titles. But subscribers will be emailed to see if they have moved and paperback chapbooks will be sent out to those lovely faithful readers.

The first chapbook is Hal Duncan‘s An A-Z of the Fantastic City, illustrated by Eric Schaller, and will come in 2 states: a beautiful signed and numbered limited hardcover and a regular trade paperback. We’ve been working on this for a couple of years and we’re very grateful to Hal and Eric for sticking with is through the thick and thin of those last couple of years. Publication is approaching later this year with the final date TBA as we go over the final details of the cover.

Steampunk weekend, book, various readings, &c.

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Dropped by the International Steampunk City yesterday and really enjoyed wandering around seeing hundreds of people dressed to kill (or at least to adventure). There were blacksmiths smithing (and explaining the meaning of “eldritch” to someone as we walked by), drummers drumming and belly dancers dancing, bootmakers, jewellers, a mummers parade, people riding penny farthings—and a ton of other things, most of which we missed as we were only there Sunday afternoon. We caught up with Riv from purpleshiny who we met at Boskone—she made a lovely thing (involving a watch and a piece of metal hammered on the ground to pick up the texture of Waltham!) while we watched. Makers making: excellent.

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