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Taboo cover - click to view full sizeEagle-eyed readers of this website might note we added a new forthcoming title today — woohoo!

And also, hey, wait, it’s a September title being added in April, that’s a bit soon, isn’t it? Yes, it absolutely is! But when Kim Scott’s novel Taboo was submitted to us we started a countdown to get this book out asap because 1) it’s an incredible read, and while 2) Kim Scott is the keynote speaker at this month’s American Association of Australian Literary Studies conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, there are also plans to bring him back to the USA in time for the publication of Taboo.

Taboo is the latest novel from Scott, the first Australian writer of Indigenous Australian ancestry to win the Miles Franklin Award. He received it in the year 2000 for his first novel Benang (a joint winner with Thea Astley’s Dryland) and then again in 2011 for his novel That Deadman Dance. Taboo itself received four major Australian literary awards worth AU$80,000.

Taboo is a tremendous novel, with a full range of voices from contemporary Australia. From rural and small town to inner city life, from prisoners and those recently released to young women and men exploring the world for the first time, Scott gives them all voice and his enthusiasm for this life and this planet we are all living on carries the novel from the first titanic images of a runaway truck barreling through a small town all the way through. It’s a novel that threads hard paths of history and violence between the settlers and indigenous peoples of Australia and their descendants in a way that will bring hope in these days when governments are propounding violence as the answer in itself. It made me laugh out loud and hold my breath in wonder and there are moments when the world in the page is as weird as the world I see around me.

We’re sending out the first review copies this week and will have it out and grabbable by you before you can say, wait, summer’s barely begun!


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Lede not buried! See: Kelly will be doing these things and I will be doing these things.

Brissy: is where we are headed. Near the Great Barrier Reef is where we were. (Photos: um, maybe when my camera and laptop start talking again.) Melbourne: where we are for Kelly to do Melbourne Writers Fest stuff. Also: Melbourne has a Burmese restaurant and a zine store.

Here’s Kelly’s sched. in Brisbane:


and mine:

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