Cracked Egg

Wed 28 Sep 2022 - Filed under: Not a Journal. | Posted by: Gavin

Yesterday Kelly drove me over to Book Moon — someone was out sick so we covered while Laura was out for lunch. Saying I covered anything is a complete exaggeration. I sat at the front, poked a little at our new point-of-sale software (great, complicated, beyond me at the moment), recycled some junk mail, admired the place, and really just sat and waited. Kelly brought in a new card rack (too heavy for me, meh), signed books, wrote a shelf talker, did a lot of work. A year ago I’d be getting into everything. I was so wrung out by sitting up and paying attention that when we came home I lay on the hammock (outside, easiest surface to reach — ground was closer but getting up and down seemed a challenge), lay on a couch, got up for dinner, lay on the couch.

The good news is that this morning I had the same amount of energy as yesterday morning. A few months ago a day like yesterday (leaving the house for at most a couple of hours) would knock me down for two-to-three days. I have no idea when I’ll be well — I am so glad I don’t have to go to the store (or the office, I miss the office) today. I can go in for 1/2 an hour, one day a week. I know people go to work 5 days in a row but from here that’s like watching Serena Williams play tennis, amazing. I never was that and will never reach it, but at least my watch says my step count is ever so slowly going up.

I got home and started reading (and stared at trees and read the news on my phone and drank coconut water — prescribed by doc, yay!) Daniel Mendelsohn’s The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million. I’m maybe sixty pages in but it is near unputdownable. I put some on order but we’re going to have to order more because if there’s anyone like me who missed, I want them to read it!