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Received an email today that said Paypal wasn’t working on this site, oops. It was working on Tuesday and my Paypal account is still working out fine. This is not the time for me to switch payment processors so I’ll look into it. Especially as we have a new book and a new issue of the zine both dropping sooooon.

This link does seem to say it all — what are the basic parameters the Paypal buttons are suddenly lacking? Wish me luck! (Or, send cash or order Small Beer books here.)

Another question from the floor: will there be a Small Beer sale this summer? Between me being mostly out of action and us changing websites at Book Moon next month the answer is no. Autumn sale? Who knows! I lie here on this couch and think who can think that far ahead?

ETA Friday: Friday update: the subscription page works. Double hmm.

ETA: Wondering if this is because Paypal wants me to add the Pay Later option which is hard coded into their new buttons — and I don’t want to add that. Hmm.

Paypal buttons

Gah, all my old saved buttons are inaccessible/gone. Whee. This link below leads to the apology, oops, no access page . . .

paypal buttonsSorry