Not so shoddy

Tue 21 Jun 2022 - Filed under: Not a Journal. | Posted by: Gavin

In preparation for the next issue of LCRW — we’re working on it, but, I’m a little slower than ever — we’ve read most submissions up to about a month ago. Responses, even to stories that are embarrassingly old which I have moved again and again into the maybe stack have either gone out by mail or email.

Reading for the next issue begins when this issue is out, if not before. Turns out reading subs (slowly, meh) on a hammock is one thing I can do these days.

I also tidied up the LCRW subscription page for the first time in a while. Got rid of an html table which was beginning* to look a bit too shoddy.** At some point a proper update is needed but thanks in the meantime to everyone who has ever subscribed through that page. I’ve tested the new version and all the links should work.

Now to the fun part: getting some more chocolate bars in!

* as of 2014 or so
** these yarns (cough) aren’t shoddy, they’re top notch!