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Venus coverI’m happy to say that next month we’re adding another Susan Stinson novel, Venus of Chalk, to our list. First published in 2004 by Firebrand Books this will be the first ebook edition. Susan lives near us in Western Mass and to keep it really local here’s a word on it from another fabulous and famous local author, Lesléa Newman, author of Heather Has Two Mommies,

“Carline is brave, strong and beautiful, just like Susan Stinson’s writing. As a reader, I was fascinated by Carline’s journey; as a writer I was dazzled by the language in which it was told.”

And here’s more about the book:

In Susan Stinson’s shimmering second novel, three friends drive from Massachusetts to Texas to unload an old bus, and in the process become the selves they were meant to be.

Carline’s life is settled and happy: she has a great home with her partner, Lillian, and a job she loves as the editor of a respected pamphlet series, The Modern Homemaker. But after an unpleasant harassment experience in her home town, when her aunt calls from Texas she surprises herself as much as anyone and says yes to the opportunity to accompany two friends across the country in an old bus. Stinson’s always sensual and humorous writing tingles on the page and nothing is quite what’s expected as Carline sews her way across the country and makes notes for her new pamphlet, “How to Ride a Bus.”

Venus of Chalk was a finalist for the Lambda Literary and Benjamin Franklin awards, and a Top 10 Publishing Triangle lesbian book of the year.

It comes out April 5th and is available to preorder now — DRM-free of course! — on Weightless now and will be available at all the usual ebookstores.


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  1. Edie Daly on March 23rd, 2022 9:58 am

    Venus Of Chalk 
    By Susan Stinson 

    Through her narrative, Susan Stinson invites us to feel a little of the microaggressions, those everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages aimed like arrows at her fat woman’s body. Just writing the word fat, brings up feelings that girls and women experience in our “young-thin-and blonde” western culture. We get the messages constantly that to be fat in our culture is to be unhealthy, disgusting, and invisible. 

    In Venus of Chalk, Stinson brings us another image, a positive, affirming one, that of the Venus of Willendorf a sculpture of a woman created with flint tools approximately 30,000 years ago. It is believed one of the oldest depictions of a human that exists today. In her novel, we read, “Lil was my size. Her body flooded my hands with softness…….The echoes of our bodies, Lil’s and mine, in the fat goddess theme made me laugh.”

    As in much of Stinson’s work, (Martha Moody, Belly Songs: In celebration of Fat Women and Fat Girl Dances With Rocks,) she invites us into the inner world of a fat dyke. I love her work and the way that her novels help me accept my own body image.

    Edie Daly, 
    author of Old Lesbian Memory Quilt.
    Published by Modern Memoirs 

  2. Gavin on March 23rd, 2022 11:13 am

    Thanks for the review, Edie!

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