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Available Dark cover - click to view full sizeThis month we are putting out our first paperback edition of Elizabeth Hand’s second Cass Neary novel, Available Dark — available in paperback and ebook now at your favorite bookstores. The ebook wasn’t connected to the print book because I missed the new switch added to the massive flowchart of How To Publish A Book. Oops. It’s up there and should be connected by Thursday or later. Will it matter to anyone but me? Don’t know.

I sometimes find it hard to find the right words to recommend these books because Cass Neary is such a walking car crash — although that’s not right as it doesn’t capture her relentless forward-moving energy. (So maybe it’s more like she’s always crashing in the same car.) If she looks back she might turn into a pillar of salt (or something slightly more illegal) and blow away so she is always moving, almost on the run, looking forward for a place where she won’t be surrounded by and immersed in the damage she can see on some people. Well, no such luck this time, Cass.

Available Dark immediately follows Generation Loss as Cass takes on a photo authentication assignment and leaves the US for Helsinki (what, no Covid fit-to-fly test?) and then goes onto Reykjavik. It’s beautiful up there in the Iceland, but for Cass and others, it’s getting deadly.

Hand will be down in DC this Saturday as part of the 20201 National Book Festival for this event celebrating the new paperback edition of the 4th book in the series, The Book of Lamps and Banners (which I think comes out this month):

Live Event (virtual link to come)
September 18, 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm EDT

Elizabeth Hand, author of The Book of Lamps and Banners (Mulholland), and Alex Michaelides, author of The Maidens  (Celadon), discuss their new books with NPR Books editor Petra Mayer.

A direct link to the virtual event will be available here closer to the date of the Festival. Attendees may register during the event to submit questions for the live Q&A at the end.



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