Hot Chocolate Walk 2019

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On December 8 me and our kid, Ursula (now 10-years-old), and my mother-in-law, Annie, are all going to be doing the Hot Chocolate Walk for Safe Passage. Should you be up for it, please do consider sponsoring either one of us or donating. It’s a fun morning: usually cold, we do the walk, not the run, and Ursula doesn’t really love hot chocolate but we usually walk with friends, everyone has a great time. 6,000 people turn out and they raise something like $600,000, which is amazing. Thanks for any support you can give!

Here’s the kid at the end of 2017 walk — bravely trying the hot chocolate, delighted by the free sunglasses, and proudly wearing the red hat they give to people who raise over $150:

Ursula Grant 2017


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  1. Sareen McLay on November 11th, 2019 11:44 am

    Brilliant! What a fantastic effort! Well done Ursula. Love the glasses!

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