John Crowley, The Chemical Wedding

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We are very happy to note that work continues apace on John Crowley’s The Chemical Weddinga book that in his introduction John calls “the first science fiction novel.” His aim in producing this new version, he says, “was simply to make this, one of the great outlandish stories in Western literature, accessible to readers in the context of no context.”

In January of this year John introduced us to the weird and fascinating woodcuts and prints of Theo Fadel and since then Theo has completed most of the illustrations (one for each day that passes) for the book.

We expect to publish The Chemical Wedding in 2016 (making it an 400th Anniversary Edition) in a number of states: 1) a slipcased signed, limited edition accompanied by a unique woodcut, and 2) a trade cloth edition. Depending on interest, we may produce a signed, lettered state with a portfolio of sketches and prints from the artist.

We will start taking preorders once we have the whole book in hand.

In the meantime, here is the full title page:

A Romance in Eight Days
Johann Valentin Andreae

In a new version
John Crowley

Illustrated by

Theo Fadel

May 2016: Kickstarter exclusive editions (lettered, numbered, and hardcover) and trade paperback edition and ebook editions announced. The Kickstarter will go live in late April and will be announced here. Edition pricing will be available then.

Update: pricing added.

4/22/16 update: The Kickstarter is expected to launch in the first week of May. We will send an email to all commenters on this page as soon as it launches.

6/3/16 update: Kickstarter funded!



19 Responses to “John Crowley, The Chemical Wedding”

  1. Ben Parzybok on November 1st, 2013 3:39 pm

    Those woodcuts are incredible.

  2. Bob Scheffel on July 2nd, 2014 11:35 am

    If you’re looking for interest in the lettered edition, sign me up!

  3. Jeff Olson on April 29th, 2015 1:20 pm

    How do I receive email updates about the availability of this book?
    Is it possible that this book will actually pass up the multi-generational progress of the Little, Big book?

  4. Gavin on May 1st, 2015 10:23 am

    Jeff, if you subscribe to this post you’ll get all the updates. We can’t wait to send it out into the world but we’re waiting to have the book in hand before we announce it properly. It keeps moving slowly onwards — maybe the two books will come out at the same time! The book has been designed and proofed and John Crowley has just sent back his comments and replies to the proofread. It’s a complicated book so collating everything will take a while.

  5. Jeff on May 1st, 2015 10:44 am

    Thanks Gavin. John Crowley has turned me on to so many other sources, including Frances Yates, Giordano Bruno, Eliade, etc… I’m so excited that he has taken on this most important work.

  6. Bob Scheffel on May 1st, 2015 10:46 am

    And I’m still on board too….

  7. Jeff on May 1st, 2015 10:54 am

    Is this a subscription deal, too, like the Little, Big book?

  8. Verenice Naranjo García on June 28th, 2015 9:45 pm

    Congratulations to Theo Fadel, you’re a great artist! Vere

  9. Nora Miller on July 8th, 2015 12:54 am

    Intriguing project. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  10. Scott Gosnell on November 16th, 2015 3:12 pm

    Sign me up for the lettered edition as well.

    This sounds like a great project.

  11. scott reed on February 8th, 2016 10:09 pm

    This very exciting. Cast from our best, invested at last.

  12. Martin Roberts on April 8th, 2016 9:01 pm

    Really looking forward to both the full announcement and eventual release of this book!

  13. Bob Scheffel on April 15th, 2016 4:43 pm

    Just covering my tracks, keep me posted!!

  14. Jerry Cullum on April 21st, 2016 8:49 pm

    As one of the subscribers to the Little, Big anniversary volume, I am looking forward to the start of the Kickstarter campaign for the hardcover edition of The Chemical Wedding.

  15. Shana DuBois on April 27th, 2016 11:49 am

    Pick me! Pick me! Oh wait, emails. Yes, please email me so I can back the Kickstarter, spread the word about the Kickstarter, and generally buzz around the interwebz for the Kickstarter. Kthx!

  16. Anne Sydenham on April 28th, 2016 5:59 am

    I am also a subscriber to Little.Big 25, and think the Chemical Wedding would be a beautiful companion piece to sit on my bookshelf next to it.

    Interested in the numbered edition, and looking forward to the Kickstarter.

  17. Chris McLaren on April 29th, 2016 1:44 pm

    Yes, I will want to get notice of this in time to order a fancy copy 🙂

  18. Martin Roberts on May 3rd, 2016 12:32 pm

    I’m going to try a treat myself with a limited edition, I’d go for the lettered if I had a guaranteed income. This will be a book to treasure!

  19. Gavin on May 3rd, 2016 1:47 pm

    Yay! I’d say something about tomorrow if I had it together, but, you know how it is.

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