A Day in the Life of a Publisher (not) at BEA 2012

Wed 6 Jun 2012 - Filed under: Not a Journal., , | Posted by: Gavin

Woke at 7 for 7:30 breakfast meeting. Worried I might be late but I hear that the person I’m meeting doesn’t want to get out of bed. Phew.

Next meeting is one I am not looking forward to. It’s all about returns/remainders/what happens to stuff when it’s been through the, you know, consumer channel. The meeting is longer than hoped for but it all goes well in the end.

Breakfast meeting goes surprisingly smoothly and there may be some forward motion on some recent disagreements (whether consumers must consume what is put in front of them or whether they can walk away at any point).

I have to escort client to a 9:00 meet and greet followed by two hours of panels and focus groups on contemporary education publishing. I get to slip out instead—win! Get some design done in by avoiding twitter. For the most part. Local music shop calls to tell me that my copy of the new Kelly Hogan album is in. I didn’t order it. Marriage = total win!

11:30 AM Client exhausted and weepy from educational seminar. We have another post-consumption meeting. Goes much as expected. Lunch is quick, client needs tears wiped away and to sit on my knee. I pull out the exclusive tchotkes (binky, blanket) and client is much happier. Post lunch meeting is a total nap.

I grab a sandwich (but it’s not a Javits Center sandwich, so it’s pretty good and only costs $6) and do some mailing. Hey, the post office only charges $17 to mail a book internationally! Hope they are investing in some other business as they’re killing their own. No wonder we sell so many ebooks abroad.

3:00 meeting with publishing consultant about new formats and consumption patterns. Client now well rested and very cheery, takes over any room she walks into. I go in thinking she is going to totally rule and she does. Expect that she will be all over twitter and in the PW Show Daily tomorrow. Awesome.

4:00 Client has an outdoor meeting on social media, meeting places, and discoverability vis-a-vis diversity vis-a-vis diverticulosis or something. She is off my hands for 2 hours because she is busy buying some YouTube subscribers for her various accounts. Time for tea and biscuits—excuse me, cookies—and reading twitter rather than pretending to do something else and checking it.

6 PM pre-dinner drinks with client. Drinks unimpressive, seem very watered down. (May have actually been water.)

7 PM Dinner with client. Both of us a little punch drunk—not actually drunk, see 6 PM above—but for the most part food follows the trajectory of plate to cutlery to mouth. Occasionally cutlery is put aside and occasionally food is put aside, too.

8 PM A very successful last meeting. Client falls asleep after reading only three books.

9 PM Write-up day and listen to Fitz and the Tantrums.