Small Beer Podcast 11: Jennifer Stevenson’s Trash Sex Magic

Mon 4 Jun 2012 - Filed under: Not a Journal., , , , , | Posted by: Julie

Trash Sex Magic cover - click to view full sizeI think the world should be filled with double features: double-dip ice cream cones, double copies of the books you’re likely to drop in the tub, bonus skirts given at the time of purchase. Sometimes more is better.

Now that we’ve successfully pulled off our first double feature (the John Kesselmania that was Episode Nine and Episode Ten), we’re raring to do it again. This week we bring you an excerpt of Jennifer Stevenson’s Trash Sex Magic. The novel is now available as an audio book through Iambic Books. It’s wild, weird and sexy: a perfect spring read. But that’s not the end of our Stevenson tear. In the next Small Beer podcast, we return to the scene of the crime and roll out a full-on interview with the amazing Jennifer Stevenson: author, speed skater and former roller derby queen.

Episode 11: An excerpt from Jennifer Stevenson’s novel Trash Sex Magic. [audio]

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