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The NYTimes reported yesterday on Random House’s rights grab on their backlist.

We’d like to point out to authors and agents that our royalty rate on ebooks is 50% of the net.

On the somewhat typical $9.95 ebook Small Beer Press receives 50% of the retail, so call it $5. So the author receives $2.50. Not bad. That’s more than the 7.5-10% of retail that we can do on paperbacks and equivalent to 10% of retail on a $25 hardcover.

On the small percentage of ebooks sold directly from our site the math goes like this:

Retail: $9.95
Paypal: $0.59
Net: $9.36

Author receives: $4.68

Just saying.


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  2. William Schafer on December 16th, 2009 9:51 am

    Yeah, we’ve got the same breakdown over here at Subterranean. You and I both *know* what it costs to convert to e-books, and that the royalty model larger publishers are moving toward isn’t, at least in my opinion, fair to the writers.


  3. Gavin on December 16th, 2009 10:25 am

    Bill, that’s great to know. I find there are some relatively high costs to ebooks—all the conversions and tracking all the royalties, but the lack of physical product has to be worth something. Besides, we’re in it for the long term and have seen what can happen to ebook sales when there is a bump in interest.

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