Useful Web 2.0 Stuff

Tue 23 Oct 2007 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Posted by: Gavin

Just signed up for Tour Filter (should be one word, all lower case, of course) which does seem rather groovy and very much like something we’ve been waiting for the web to deliver (we don’t program: we wait).

Yay! Cut and pasted tons of bands from our this-empty-space-is-a-social-experiment-really myspace page and Voila! Tracking tons of bands. Could be good, as it grows, to check out cities where we have to go for conventions: LA in June, anyone?

Also signed up for Book Tour. You can subscribe to authors (they’re still adding people so not everyone is there), check by zip code or city, and look for books. That last one seemed the weakest link and it doesn’t have the fastest search engine, but it could become a good site. Anything that makes keeping up easier. May add our authors to this—or see if someone else will!

Read Around New England took a shot at this previously, but maybe didn’t have rss feeds (Or Chris Anderson or “Chief Evangelist” [religion, it’s everywhere] Kevin Smokler).

It’s the personalizationableness (ha!) of both of these things that will determine their survival.They’re both nice, simple sites at the moment—although the above-mentioned mycrap site shows that simplicity and good design aren’t actually necessary to pull people in—and if they can keep that and resist the Amazonian urge to mess with their recommendation engines, they’ll be huge.

Now, can someone write a site like these for TV? How about short fiction? Vegetarian restaurants? Nonleather shoes? Every petty little need and want?

At the other end of the spectrum on Monday we got a call from a large literary organization (whom we like a lot so no names) asking if we would like to pay $395 a year to have a profile on their site.

Could be the wrong answer (hope we’re not in the bad books for this) but, um, thanks for the opportunity, but no thanks. $395 is a lot of beer. And what’s the point of paying for a profile? Either the website is edited/curated and the profiles mean something, or they’re paid for and it’s just a link farm moneymaker.