Year’s Best Fantasy ’06

Mon 22 Oct 2007 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Posted by: Gavin

We completely missed the best fantasy of 2006: The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard. It was shown in the UK in 2006 and just started on PBS.

[Spoilers] Jane Horrocks plays a supermarket manager who starts a new political party and pulls off a democratic revolution basically replacing all the grey old men in power with women and not really commenting on that aspect of it.[/Spoilers]

Wikipedia says it could be all down hill from the first couple of episodes, but who cares? Some reviews like it. Could there be a independent revolution in the USA? Um, only dreaming, guv, no need to bring up Guantanamo Bay.

Other stuff:
Also: saw The Jane Austen Book Club the other day. Hey, not bad! And someone pointed us to this picture of the author, the screenwriter, and that guy from Buffy.

United Airlines has a nice call out to Interfictions in their inflight mag Hemispheres. (Thanks Ellen!)

A review of Iain Banks’ new novel The Steep Approach to Garbadale.

Magic for beginners by Kelly LinkOn Library Thing someone has the pretty pretty Romanian cover of Magic for Beginners.And Mario Guslandi  flexes his brain around The Best… in the Agony Column.

Somehow missed Colleen Cahill‘s review of The Best of LCRW in SF Revu (found due to noodling around Library Thing!). She notices our penchant for:

“. . . poetry with intriguing titles, as in Sunshine Ison’s “The Posthumous Voyages of Christopher Columbus,” and “Lady Shonagon’s Hateful Things” by Margaret Muirhead. . . .

Eclectic, heart-warming, cautionary, funny, informative, and most of all enthralling best describe this book. You will find no better place to explore this outstanding and unique publication: I highly recommend you pick up a copy today.”