Google book bar

Thu 21 Jun 2007 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Posted by: Gavin

Random wigglings on Google having control of our site. Or, at least, we’ve added Google Book Bar to the front page (down a bit on the left hand side). And if you wait a minute it will change.

We also use Google Calendar and Kelly has experimented with Google Docs (although not, as Alan DeNiro, is doing, by writing a novel in it).

Whether we should keep this on the site is a question. Whether in fact we should drop the whole site and leave this up as a self-generating page for the books is also an interesting question.

We have a pretty basic site which retains much of its 5 year old charm. Cough. Updating it is something we think about but don’t jump at. Companies like Google making these auto-content generating widgets may mean that eventually we won’t have a site. Just a journalling capability to centralize a source of information.

That journalling capability, i.e. doing the site blog-style, is basically great — since the structure and archiving are built into it — but not one we’re moving to with any real haste. The front/splash page seems important as people go to websites for lots of different reasons and we like the simplicity of it.

At least for now.