Mother, Day

Thu 3 May 2007 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Posted by: Gavin

Mothers & Other Monsters CoverOne day a year say Hello to your m0ther. If the screws will let you. If the warden’s in a good mood.

Everyone whose site we ever as much as peeked at ( is a betting site, honest!) is hitting us up to buy mother a present. As if she needs a box of dead flowers to remind her of how much she is loved.

A book, though. That’d different. That shows not just how smart she is but how smart we are!

Here are a few ideas about Maureen McHugh’s Mothers & Other Monsters from one of our genius interns:

The mother of all Mother’s Day gifts—Mothers & Other Monsters.
Anyone can send Mother’s Day flowers. You’re not anyone.
A book for everyone who has ever had a mother.
Celebrate the little monster in every mom.
Mother’s Day flowers wither; candy melts. But, with proper storage, Mothers & Other Monsters will last forever.

Catch up with Maureen here or here. Or if you can (and it’s worth clearing your schedule) sign up for Maureen’s hilariously titled workshop, THINGS GET WORSE: Plotting in Fiction, at Write-By-the-Lake, Mon, June 18 – Fri, June 22, in beautiful Madison, WI.