Howard Who?

Sun 18 Mar 2007 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Posted by: Gavin

Howard Who?Michael Dirda acquires many cultural brownie points for pointing people toward our favorite iconoclast Howard Waldrop in his Washington Post review of the new Old Earth Books collection THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: Selected Short Fiction, 1980 – 2005. He also mentions Howard Who?, signed copies of which are available etc. etc.

The books went shooting up the charts at (have there ever been 2 Waldrop collections in the top 1,000? Things Will Never Be… was at #330 recently and Howard Who? at 1,269. Excellent, excellent. Since Howard is a guy who literally lives off his writing and he mostly writes short fiction, we’ve got to find this man some readers.

Writers are invited to write up wondering pieces on Howard for all the writing mags and living sections of the weekend newspapers about: how to live on short story income; how to do research (when you don’t use Google); fishing; cartoons and how they show the nation’s true spirit.

To get the full effect, writers should interview Waldrop (by phone, letter, or in person—he really doesn’t do the email thing as such) and help the world discover him before he dies and it’s left to Library of America to collect all his books in one fat volume and give him the he’s a weird writer but he’s dead so it’s ok to read him stamp.

Updated: So close! Things Will Never Be… now at #314 recently and Howard Who? at 1,045. Have to run off so please keep an eye on them and tell us if they goes higher.