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LCRW 18 slowly trickles out into the world:

June 2006 · $5 · 60 pages · Black & white with handtinted woodblock cuts by famous and unknown artists. Printed on a 12th century Chinese letterpress on sheets of kelp-paper handmade by centaurs and sprites. Unattractively bound in the skins of dead animals. Alternately: attractively bound in more handmade paper, these sheets fairly traded from The Mysterions: Those Who Live at the Center of the Earth.

Not in stores yet and not out to all reviewers or subscribers but getting there. Slowed this week by more travel but some people will be working on it. Yay for them! In the meantime, here’s what it is:

Table of Contents


David J. Schwartz — Play
John Schoffstall — Errant Souls
Becca De La Rosa — This Is The Train The Queen Rides On
Scot Peacock — Diabolique d’amour
Stephanie Parent — In Ophelia’s Garden
Will McIntosh — Followed
E. Catherine Tobler — Threads
Matthew Lee Bain — A Half-Lizard Boy
Peter Bebergal — A Static of Names
Sarah Micklem The Fabricant of Marvels
Angela Slatter — The Juniper Tree
Jeannette Westwood — Crimson-lady at the Auction, Buying
Fred Coppersmith — At Uncle Ogden’s House
Michael Emmons — A Message from the Welcomer
Veronica Schanoes — Swimming

Jenny Benjamin-Smith — Two Poems
Sunshine Ison — Two Poems
Tsultrim Dorjee — Son of a Bitch

Erik Gallant — Music Reviews
Gwenda Bond — Dear Aunt Gwenda
[Name Withheld] — Article Withdrawal
William Smith — The Film Column
Zine Reviews

cover art
Emily Wilson