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Trampoline: an anthology
Edited by Kelly Link

“Exceptional visions in which the authors aren’t afraid to take chances with how they deliver the stories to us.”
— F&SF

“No unblinkered, gloveless reader can resist the stream of associations unleashed by Ford’s story and the rest of Trampoline: influences as disparate as science fiction, magic realism, pulp, and Twilight Zone morality plays.”
— Village Voice

“In short, Trampoline is yet another unique source of powerful, exciting, new approaches to fantasy and interstitial fiction. It is flexible enough and fresh enough that I hope it proves to be the beginning of a series. It occupies its own rather beautifully fragile place in the fantastical fiction milieu.”
— Jeff VanderMeer, Locus Online

“The editor should be commended, not only for an intriguing compilation…but that she manages to stay out of the way of it. The only thing that intrudes here is her taste in the story selection and ordering. There’s no tiresome manifesto here, no chest-beating about movements or genres or rants against publishing mediocrity and how some merry band of rogues is going to revolutionize anything. She understands that the role of editor is to let the work speak for itself.”
— SF Site

Trampoline does what most other anthologies only dream of–it manages to be both significant and eminently readable. Link brings together some of the top names working in fantasy, science fiction, and horror today, as well as some up-and-coming talents who deserve wider recognition. All of the stories push the genre boundaries, creating a collection on the cutting edge of modern genre fiction.”
— Peggy Hailey, Book People, Austin, TX

“A major anthology…. Most impressive is Greer Gilman’s “A Crowd of Bone”, a huge novella, all but unclassifiable…told in Gilman’s difficult but rewarding allusive, poetic style, sheer joy to read…. The images are striking, the prose rhythms are perfect, and the slowly emerging story is moving and starkly bittersweet.”
— Rich Horton, Locus, 8/03

“What constitutes ‘unusual’? Some recent anthologists have tried to tackle the question…but Link is content to show, not tell.”
— Faren Miller, Locus, 8/03

“Fabulous Tales”
Washington Post, July 27, 2003

— Pathetic Caverns

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Trampoline: an anthology, edited by Kelly Link. Click for a larger image.Trampoline: an elastic mattress-like contrivance on which acrobats, gymnasts, &c. leap.

Trampoline: an original anthology edited by Kelly Link, the award-winning author of Stranger Things Happen, and co-editor of the zine, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.

Trampoline: twenty astounding stories by Christopher Barzak, Richard Butner, Alan DeNiro, Carol Emshwiller, Jeffrey Ford, Karen Joy Fowler, Greer Gilman, John Gonzalez, Glen Hirshberg, Samantha Hunt, Alex Irvine, Shelley Jackson, Beth Adele Long, Maureen McHugh, Susan Mosser, Ed Park, Christopher Rowe, Dave Shaw, Vandana Singh, and Rosalind Palermo Stevenson.


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