Trampoline – An Interview

Fri 24 Jul 2009 - Filed under: Authors

Trampoline: an anthology, edited by Kelly Link.
Trampoline: an interview

We asked Trampoline contributors to send us some interview questions. Then, trickily, we mixed up the questions and sent them out to the contributors. The questions range from serious, literate, ruminations on the writer’s place in society to rather less serious questions (What’s your favorite rule of thumb?).

The writers are appropriately bouncy in their answers: Enjoy.

Christopher Barzak
Richard Butner
Alan DeNiro
Carol Emshwiller
Jeffrey Ford
Greer Gilman
John Gonzalez
Alex Irvine
Beth Adele Long
Christopher Rowe
Dave Shaw
Vandana Singh
Rosalind Palermo Stevenson