Couch – Competition

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We’re delighted to announce the winners of our couch photo competition: Gina Teh and Lea Deutsch, both of whom will be receiving copies of Couch.

Gina Teh:

Lea Deutsch:
Couch At the office

And a bonus shot of Will Ludwigsen:
Will Ludwigsen's couch Will Ludwigsen ponders the ineffable

Also: a fun link (via Scott Beeler).

Thanks to everyone who emailed in pics and those who spread the word. If you come across any, we’re always interested in more couch-carrying or weird couch pics.

Original rules:

  1. Carry a couch somewhere unexpected: take a picture of it. (Or, take a picture of a couch in a weird place.)
  2. Email your picture (or a link) to us by November 30, 2008 and we will send a couple of winners copies of Couch and maybe some other books.


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