Early March Writer’s Planner deadlines

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Here are a few selections from the early March deadlines in A Working Writer’s Daily Calendar 2012. We’ll post some as the year goes on. I’m not sure if we will do a 2013 edition. We’d probably need to put up a pre-order page really early and see if the interest is there.

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Jan/Feb Writer’s Planner deadlines

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Here are a few late January/early February deadlines from A Working Writer’s Daily Calendar 2012. We’ll post some as the year goes on. February is a huge month for deadlines:

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2012 Writer’s Daily Planners

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Just got these contributors’ copies in the mail today, and they look pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. A bit cold from being in a box on a truck these last few days, but other than that: not bad!

A bonus (for us at least) of this whole print-on-demand experiment is that if you find any typos we can just upload another file.

If you’d like one, look here.

(Photo by Geoffrey Noble.)

Oops, oh well, sorry, and what’s TK

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I’m sorry to announce that I am cancelling the 2012 Daily Planner. I’ve talked to Consortium, our distributor, and they’ll be passing the message through the official channels, so at some point soon it will disappear from your fave indie bookstore. All pre-orders will be refunded this week.

I will post what we have as an ebook for a nominal sum (99 cents?) and maybe put it on Lulu.com as a print on demand title, but for the most part this Planner won’t be coming out from us again.

I ran into too many obstacles and ran out of time. The 2013 edition was already problematical due to travel commitments in spring 2012. I apologize to those who were looking forward to it and, given the profusion of planners available, expect that they will find a decent substitute.

Here are the 99c ebook editions of the previous editions: 2012, 2011, 2010

It’s hard to admit that I have to put a stop on this title but this might be a good time to list a few upcoming titles: I’m in the middle of adding eight more titles to Consortium’s Summer 2012 catalog—including short story collections by Kij Johnson (At the Mouth of the River of Bees) and Nancy Kress (untitled as yet, maybe Fountain of Age), a huge fantastic debut by Sofia Samatar (A Stranger in Olondria), a paperback of the just-published Lydia Millet novel, The Fires Beneath the Sea and a hardcover of the second book in the series, Shimmers in the Night, paperback editions of The Serial Garden (which, although we have a few at the office, is pretty much sold out in hardcover), Kathe Koja’s Under the PoppyKaren Joy Fowler’s What I Didn’t See, Geoff Ryman’s Unconquered Countries, and Laurie J. Marks’s Earth Logic.

And then this weekend at Readercon we talked to a couple of authors about putting out ebook editions of their backlist as well as putting out some new work. Can’t say who as that would be silly as then it would magically not happen and I would look even sillier than I do for having to cancel the Planner.

One project I’m happy to talk about is the potential Collected Stories of Joanna Russ. Graham Sleight talked to me about it on Sunday. Over the past couple of years, working with the much missed Joanna, Graham put together an approximately 900-page manuscript which includes preferred versions of all her stories in three collections, as well as what amounts to basically a whole new collection of stories. But rather than reprint the books, since some of the stories would be ever so slightly different, I think that once we’ve talked to the estate and the agent, unless someone else steps in (which is fine with me, as long as the books come out I will be happy), then we’ll work on putting it out in two huge paperbacks. Once the book starts to look more likely, we may be asking for help with transcription as it is a huge project and I hope there are enough fans of Joanna Russ with quick and accurate fingers who can help.

Anyway, that’s the news from this morning. Readercon report may yet follow, you never know.

June Deadlines

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Some things to keep you busy before June comes from A Working Writer’s Daily Calendar 2011. Almost done on the 2012 edition—so this is your last chance to send us suggestions.

June 1: Fourteenth Annual Poetry Contest
Prize: $1,500 + publication in Boston Review in the Nov./Dec. 2011 issue.
Eligibility: Any author writing in English is eligible, unless he or she is a current student, former student, or close personal friend of the judge.
Manuscripts: Up to 5 unpublished poems, max. 10 pages. Mailed manuscripts must be submitted in duplicate, with a cover note listing the author’s name, address, email and phone number. No cover note is necessary for online submission. Names should not be on the poems themselves.
Fee: $20 ($30 for international submissions) payable to Boston Review.
Submit online or by mail to:
Poetry Contest, Boston Review
35 Medford St., Suite 302,
Somerville, MA 02143

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May Deadlines

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Winter was so busy that I haven’t kept up with this but here are a few May deadlines from A Working Writer’s Daily Calendar 2011—which is now 50% off. And now we’re working on the 2012 edition. I’ll try and post more as the year goes on and at some point we’ll post some of the articles, too.

May 7: International Poetry Competition
Prize: $1,000 + publication for 20 entrants.
Manuscript: Poems must be your original creative work, not published in a national print publication. (Online or strictly local publication is permitted, as long as you hold the copyright.)
Eligibility: Previous winners, associates, friends, or students of the judge are ineligible.
Fee: By mail: $5/first poem, $3 /each additional. Online: See website.
Atlanta Review
P.O. Box 8248
Atlanta, GA 31106 Read more

2011 looks good from here

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Lydia Millet, FiresSpread the word! We have added a bunch (A BUNCH!) of new books to the site. These are the books we’ve been secretly working on this year—well, the ones we’re telling you about. We’ve got contracts going on a few more by authors familiar and not so much and they all share one thing: they are Awesome.

In what way Awesome? Don’t you just want them all now? Yes!

How about Lydia Millet‘s first kid’s book?—and it’s the first of a series! It’s set on Cape Cod where nothing  is quite what it seems. Not to be a spoiler, but it has a killer last line. And, we are so proud to be publishing a new Joan Aiken collection! (We have an excellent competition coming with this.) Joan’s stories are unique, they’re so amusing, so unexpected. She’s a little along the lines of Roald Dahl, I suppose. Oh, what an odd and excellent book. And, the cover is by one of our faves, Shelley Jackson.

We’re going to be doing another Planner and this one has fabby art by Kathleen Jennings. Email us if there’s something you’d like to see in it—or if you have something to pitch for it.

Also: more Geoff Ryman: The Child Garden is even weirder than you remember. Biopunk London, polar bears, viruses, and more. Wowee. New cover coming on that, too.

Good news for fans of Boston bookhound Henry Sullivan, The Second Hound, aka Hound2, or, A Slepyng Hound to Wake, is even better than the first!

Annnnnnnnd, there’s a chapbook from your friend and mine, Hal Duncan!

December deadlines

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A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2010 cover - click to view full sizeHere are a few December deadlines from A Working Writer’s Daily Calendar 2010—which will very soon now be superseded by the 2011 edition. We posted a few deadlines a couple of weeks ago. There’s also a free preview of January 2011 from the next edition on Scribd. We’ll be posting other useful parts of the Planner as the year comes to an end.

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November deadlines

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A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2010 cover - click to view full sizeHey, it’s NaNoWriMo—good luck to you if you’re at it!

For the poets our there, here are a few November deadlines from A Working Writer’s Daily Calendar 2010soon to be superseded by the 2011 edition. We’ll post a few more deadlines in December and we will also be posting other useful parts of the Planner as the year comes to an end.

November 15: The Yale Series of Younger Poets
The Yale Series of Younger Poets champions the most promising new American poets. Awarded since 1919, the Yale Younger Poets prize is the oldest annual literary award in the United States. Past winners include Muriel Rukeyser, Adrienne Rich, William Meredith, W.S. Merwin, John Ashbery, John Hollander, James Tate, and Carolyn Forché. Louise Glück is the current judge of the Series.
Prize: publication.
Eligibility: An American citizen under forty years of age who has not published a book of poetry.
Manuscript: Between 48–64 numbered pages. See website for full guidelines.
Fee: $15 made out to Yale University Press.
Yale Series of Younger Poets, P.O. Box 209040, New Haven, CT 06520-9040

November 15: Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award
Prize: $1,000 + publication in Measure: An Annual Review of Formal Poetry
Eligibility: Sonnets must be original and unpublished.
Manuscript: Author’s name, address, phone number, and email (if available) should be typed on the back of each entry.
Check website for any updated information.
Fee: $3 per sonnet made payable to The Formalist.
Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award, The Formalist, 320 Hunter Drive, Evansville, IN 47711

November 30: Academy of American Poets
The Academy offers several awards including the James Laughlin Award of $5,000 for an author’s second book of poetry and the Walt Whitman Award of $5,000 and a one-month residency for first book of poetry.
The Academy of American Poets, 588 Broadway, Suite 123, New York, NY 10012. 212-274-0343

Boston Book Fest is this Saturday

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and we’d love to see you there! We have new books and will be there 10 – 6.

And: Kelly is on Kate Bernheimer’s fairy tale panel at 3 PM with Maria Tatar and Kathryn Davis in celebration of the huge new anthology, My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me. Kelly just got her copy yesterday and it’s a fabulous looking book. There are 40 stories, including many originals, from peeps such as Shelley Jackson, Kevin Brockmeier, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, Joy Williams, Aimee Bender, and, you know, 35 others! The cover art and design is by house fave Julie Morstad.

At the book fest, we will be sharing a booth with the completely new journal (which will be launched next year), The Common, from Amherst College. They’re open for submissions and seeking “stories, poems, essays, and dispatches that embody a strong sense of place.” You can download Issue Zero here.

You can find us and The Common at booth 26. Other exhibitors include the fine folk at One Story, Godine, and Zephyr Press, a couple of our favorite bookshops, Brookline Booksmith and the Raven, as well as Oxfam, WBUR and WGBH, Redivider, 826 Boston, and some food trucks—yum! Wish Yoma were providing the food. Maybe next year! Maybe we will bring banh mi (shades of the Brooklyn Book Fest).

If all goes well, Kelly and I will be bringing Ursula along. We can’t get a nurse for the day (eek!) so Kelly and I will be juggling looking after her (she is 18 months old and wants to do stuff!). I’m not quite sure how that will work with Kelly’s panel. Anyone want to step in from 3-4PM and help shill will be appreciated.

Lastly: two new titles, Under the Poppy and A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2011, just arrived at the office so they will be debuting at the book fest.

Apparently it will be sunny and breezy. If that’s true, that will be a mild improvement on the rain rain rain at last month’s Brooklyn Book Fest. See you in Copley Square!

ETA: We have a nurse for Ursula for Saturday so she will only be making an appearance early in the morning during set up!

Scribd crazy

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Ok, so, went a bit Scribd crazy the other night. Had to do something while watching the bairn sleep.

First I put up an excerpt from A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2011. Last year I put up March, this year I decided to make it simple and put up January. Last year’s sample was very popular, hope this one is too. Then I added the ebook to Weightless—only $4.99!

Then I put up excerpts for two of our upcoming books:

Karen Joy Fowler, What I Didn’t See and Other Stories
—which is shipping, baby, shipping! And we’re still adding (mostly California) events to Karen’s schedule.

Kathe Koja, Under The Poppy
—and this one is at the printer and ships out in October. Events—KGB Bar, Ann Arbor, Detroit, WFC—being added here, too.

And! I added a handful of LCRWs to their ebook store—we sell much more at Weightless or RudeGorilla.com or Fictionwise than we have at Scribd, but still, it’s a good and easy place for people—there are tons of international readers who use it—to check things out. Besides, adding stuff was easy!

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 21 ebook

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 20 ebook

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 19 ebook

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 18 ebook

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 16 ebook

Your photos?

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We’re in the final stages of our new Working Writers Daily Planner and I thought I’d throw out a last minute call for for photos or art. We pay $10 + 1 copy for print + electronic rights. Please post links in the comments but only to art/photos you have rights to, thanks!

Also just added the multiple copy discounts for this one. These were very popular last year as whole workshops and bookclubs and all kind of book-related groups planned out their year together.

Working Writer’s 2010 not $2,010

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Of course you are always welcome to pay $2,010 for any one (or, I suppose, all) of our books but we just dropped the price on A Working Writer’s Daily Planner from an already-scandalously low $13.95 down to $9.95 including shipping in the US.

We’ve had great fun with this shipping out hundreds and hundreds before the new year and since, it’s good for a year, still shipping it out.

Soon we’ll be working on 2011’s so comments and suggestions are welcome!

Vid, discounts, art, made-up stories, and —

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so on. Wait: aren’t all stories made up? No! Because, wait for it, some of them are True. Riiiight, on with the show.

We added a short intro video (see below) to the Writer’s Daily Planner since it is so late to hits stores — managed to post it on Facebook and IndieBound, not sure if it will end up on Powell’s. Used the Flip camera, then upped the sound. Need a better mic!

And: we’ve added discounts! (Not sure if we will get organized enough to do a sale before the year ends. Hmm.)

Alan DeNiro chats up LibraryThing. And, he has a new story on Strange Horizons.

Adam Roberts’s idiosyncratic take on Cloud & Ashes—he likes the story, not the dialog. (Do read his Kevin Anderson review as well, it’s v. v. funny.)

And: Greer gets some fan art.

Nice review of Hound @ Fictionophile: “If bibliophilia is an illness, then Henry Sullivan is terminal!”

Ed Park pulls a thread and finds a story in American Fantastic Tales.

And, you know, other stuff.

Many ‘ands make light work?

Shipping out the calendar

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It’s a hive of activity (punctuated by Sierra Nevada holiday ale!) here shipping out the Writer’s Daily Planner (and perhaps still following the Hq stuff…!)

Here are a couple of random shots of it — it’s great to have it (at last!) and be able to heft it around. Stores will be receiving it soon and we’re sending it out to writing programs and all kinds of things.

Writer's Calendar flat ouJuly

It ships!

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The somewhat slightly maybe perhaps a teensy-bit delayed Working Writer’s Daily Planner has shipped from the printer! It’ll arrive on Friday at our distro’s distroing HQ (in Jackson, go comb your hair, Tennessee) and from there head out into the wide world. It may not hit stores by the No Shopping Friday-After-Thanksgiving but it should be getting out the week after. Wild cheers will greet any pics sent in of it out there in the wild.

Planner Preview + $4.95 DRM-free PDF

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We have just posted the month of March here as a preview of our Working Writer’s Daily Planner which is at the printer now. (2011’s will be earlier!)

The Planner is also now available as a DRM-free PDF (emailed within 24 hours of purchase — and usually sooner) for just $4.95.

We’re selling it as a nicely-bookmarked 2MB PDF (formatting makes it harder than other books to convert into other formats) which means you can print it at any size you want: letter-sized to put in a 3-ring binder, tiny to go on index cards, or 6″ x 9″ to replicate the printed edition.

We’d love to hear about different printing and use strategies and we’re always open to suggestions for what should go into next year’s edition. (Read the table of contents for this year’s Planner here.)