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Endicia LogoHey, we didn’t mail anything out today (we are still [sorry!] behind from our almost-cleared-out warehouse sale, yay!) because there was a glitch in our mailing systems. So we emailed the mailing company, Endicia, and within a couple of hours they returned our call, apologized, and credited us a with a couple of months service free.


We used to use P*ney-Bowes and they were awful. Every time we ordered supplies it was like stepping up to someone and asking to be punched in the face. No, wait. Punched twice. There was even a service charge for buying postage. When we bought $400 of postage at the post office it cost $400. When we buy it from Endicia it costs $400. When we bought it from ShtnyBws it cost $418.99. Why?

They introduced some kind of completely useless rewards or points program, they insisted on sending us a stupid magazine (and then tried to charge for it!) and basically made us feel that they could do without us more than we could do without them and we should watch it otherwise they might drop us. Or raise yet another esoteric fee on us.

So: Endicia, what a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the credit!

This message (and recommendation to switch) brought to you by the letters h a p p y and a complete lack of behind-the-scenes-sponsorship.


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