Carol Emshwiller – Trampoline Interview

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Carol EmshwillerTrampoline: an interview

Carol Emshwiller (Gods and Three Wishes)

Were there any particular writers or stories that influenced the writing of the story that will be appearing in Trampoline? If so, how exactly did they influence the writing of your story?

I don’t think I was influenced by anybody in this story except maybe so long ago I don’t remember. Maybe thirty years ago, my class with Kenneth Koch.

Trampoline: an anthology, edited by Kelly Link.

Is your Trampoline story generally representative of the sort of story you usually write? To elaborate: is this story a departure in style or subject matter (or any other sort of departure, for that matter) for you? If so, what was different or new for you in the writing of this story? Do you think it is a new direction for your writing, or simply an experiment?

This story is written in a style I use every now and then when I get tired of writing more “standard” stories. I think maybe every third or fourth story comes out like this.

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