Need serious Mac help…

Tue 12 Jan 2010 - Filed under: Not a Journal., , , | 7 Comments| Posted by: Gavin

Yon trusty MacBook was listening to the previous post and promptly gave up the ghost. Which is somewhere between utterly crap and mildly crap and I wondered if there’s anyone out there who can help? (Either in the comments or gjgrant at the google, thanks!)

Of course my backup system, a hodgepodge of very careful and not so careful is now coming back to bite me. Hilariously I had just bought Snow Leopard so that I could automatically continuously back up our laptops. Ha.

I’d been running OS X 10.4 and I’d cloned the 80GB hard drive onto a backup drive (a Time Capsule, but not using Time Machine as it does not work with 10.4). I upgraded it to Snow Leopard (10.6.2) and it ran for a day or so then cra-cra-crashed. I ran it along to the Apple store in Boston who, telling me this was a known issue for that drive and this laptop replaced the drive with a new one (for free) and were going to recycle the drive. Today I went in and rescued the old drive as the cloned hard drive is either corrupt or not working (or I did it wrong) and can’t be opened.

Some of my files are on the office machine, some are backed up using SugarSync but there is some stuff on this dead drive that, if the clone is really useless, I’d love to get at.

The Apple guy here suggested buying a disc enclosure at Best Buy and some data recovery service. I’m thinking I will get a disc enclosure, take it home, see what happens—which will take care of the next couple of hours. I’m in Boston tonight, will be in Easthampton seeing what’s on the backup drive there tomorrow.