The things we do to books

Thu 1 Dec 2011 - Filed under: Not a Journal., , | 3 Comments| Posted by: Gavin

And interns! Occasionally the returns we get from our distributor (books that have been shipped to stores, back to the distro, and back to our office) are in such bad condition that we can’t even give them away. (We mail returned copies in good condition out to various groups—including the OWS library!—and sell there here.) How do they get that way? Who knows?! (Not sure I want to know.)

We had this box of nearly destroyed books which was beginning to spill over and I decided that instead of just tearing off the covers and recycling the innards (which our lovely town will do) we’d tear up the short story collections and anthologies and include the individual stories with orders. I am hoping that those who receive them enjoy the single stories more than they’re horrified to receive them—tearing the books up has been all too much for at least one intern and the task had to handed over to someone with a stronger constitution!

So now we’re getting rid of another box of books, spreading the word about good stories, and some of us are getting a most unexpected touch of exercise . . . tearing up books!