Swedes wanting couches

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KARLSTAD sofa-bed w/storage compartmentWe just received this completely trustworthy email. (Maybe they don’t have IKEA in Sweden?)

From: Richardson Dawson <[email protected]>
Date: April 4, 2009 9:31:32 AM EDT
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: order
Reply-To: [email protected]

Hello Sir/Madam,
My Name is Mr. Richardson Dawson.I am from Ohio in the United states,I will like to order for couch Funitures for my Client in Sweden.I want to know from you what sizes and brands you do have instock so that i can have you know what i need to order for my client.I do also want to know the prices as well per.Secondly i do want to know if you do accept credit card payment as i will be making my payment with my Credit card.I hope to hear from you soon and to do more  favourable business with you.Thank you

Your’s Faithfully

Richardson Dawson

Come work by us

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Hey, the Paragon Arts Building in Easthampton (whose website is about to be updated!) has spaces for rent. So, come on over to the shabby-chic artistic center of Ea-Ho (no, not really) where all the kids are renting spaces and making art not war. And, we’ll get $100 credit off our rent if you tell them we sent you. So, what we’re looking for is a about six new tenants a month, ok?


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By Monday our moribund myspace page will be deleted and gone, yay! However, there have been threats of a facebook page appearing. oh well. next fadsite please.

Things that have happened recently

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More on this later

Adobe joys, or, the overcomplicated silliness of software ownership

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Sometime in the last year or so we received an influx of cash (the sound of books selling well, cha-ching!) and we upgraded our Adobe software so now we have (the thus far hugely-underused) Design Suite—InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop. So it was installed on two laptops and everything in the land of book design was thought to be both hunky and dory. (We are so far behind on web design that upgrading the Dreamweaver seemed like a huge learning-curve time sink.)

Recently a new iMac (with a screen big enough to, er, be very big and shiny) was winched down to us from a passing airship. Onto this new toy was cloned a laptop (which mostly worked fine except for making the stupid and complicated “permissions” even more stupid and complicated). Everything went smoothly enough for the nonce until we, foolishly, try and open InDesign on the iMac.

Does not work. A screen opens and says something along the lines of “You must reactivate this product.”

Not the only thing that needs reactivating around here. It’s winter and we’re hibernating. So, after a week or so of dilly-dallying, a call is placed to the activation line.

—Sorry, we are told, you have to de-activate one of the previous installs.

—But wait, we reply. We still only have 2 people using the software, it’s just that it’s in 3 places now. Look, it’s right there (well, almost) on the shiny big screen for the office and over there on the tiny travelling screens for, well, travel.

Nope, replies the calm and polite woman no doubt used to this flawless and yet useless argument. What you have is a license limiting the number of machines on which you can install the software you (perhaps now you are thinking you over)paid for. 

—Dur! Grr!

I’m sorry. You aren’t speaking to a machine you know. You’re calling the help line in India where all Apple and Adobe help has been outsourced. I barely understand what you’re saying. Is that English or just the sound of your teeth grinding?

Teeth ground down to stubs we admit defeat and instead of writing about the joys of our neighbors art files we wanted to look at or some other such wunnerful thing we post defensively and defeatedly (and perhaps repetitively, at least about that defeated bit) about the lack of flexibility in software ownership. Where’s Cory when you need him? Dur. Grr.

Ok, off to deactivate a laptop. Now, to do that do we cut the red wire or the blue wire?

Poets needed

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Hilarious site which we missed in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and just saw now. (Thanks Janna.)


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Read, read, read.We have moved! We’re now in a lovely space in the Paragon Arts building (website may not be current) in arts-crazy Easthampton. Here are some pics. Going to have to sell some books, hmm?

Lucky we just sold a ton at the Brooklyn Book Fest, so that’s next month paid for. Ha ha.

The new address (see below) has been slowly rolling out across the website and into the world — although we expect that will take a while. The old address will still be good for a while, so no worries there.

The new address:

Small Beer Press
150 Pleasant St., #306
Easthampton, MA 01027

Silly films

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Could someone please write something hilarious about Ghost Rider? (Wait, having a giggle fit. Ok. Ready to go on.) What a preview! What a hairstyle! Of course we will be in line the way we were for Batman and
all those other Excellent comic+accessories vehicles. Once known as films.

Next: can someone else do The Number 23? This may kill us if we ever see the preview again. 23! It’s 3×7 (plus a little bit). It’s just one less than 24, which is 6x2x2, which is 4 More than will see this film. It’s Jim Carrey with a dark side (or a 23rd side?). It’s a scary February thing? Nope. That’s the 29th and doesn’t happen this year. Phew. 23. Look at it with half-closed (or drunken) eyes and it’s . . . 23! The age you turned after 22? The number of empty bottles in a case of beer? 23! (Some doofus broke one.) The number of times 23 will be used in this paragraph: 23! Add up the letters of your first and last names. Take that number away from 23. Add the result to the total number of letters in your first and last names. The Answer Is 23! Oh. My. God.