Charge me up!

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Ganked wholesale from Autobloggreen—which is usually all about groovy new cars we can’t get here in the old-old USA—and it may be the perfect storm of blogginess for Gavin: electric cars, beer, and solar power, ack! Must move Small Beer Press to Chico, CA!

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. goes electric with charging stations

A few months back, we heard about Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s plans to begin using waste from its beer brewing process to make ethanol. That’s great, but there’s apparently more greening going on at the company’s brewery in Chico, CA. The first two ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations from Coulomb Technologies have been installed at the plant and will be used by employees and customers that happen to own electric cars.

Anyone that carries a subscription to Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network will be able to use their Smart Card to charge their electric vehicles at any charging station in the world. That’s not the beer maker’s only new commitment to being eco-friendly – this weekend also marked the dedication of Sierra Nevada’s new 1.5 MW AC solar system. Who knew beer could be so green? Click past the break for the full press release.

[Source: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company]

Sunday morning

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Ok, so this is why newspapers are in trouble: it has something to do with the 150-people rule and something to do with those friends providing better morning reading than the papers:

Photo012Maureen on vodka infusions, mmm! We tried this, great fun: we got better results with dried things—peppercorns, coffee, and vanilla—over green—basil, cucumber, lemongrass—but passion fruit was the real surprise winner.

Gwenda reported on a doll parts horror scare (with optional fuzzy unicorn posters).

Alan really got things going with a post on Kutiman, which has been everywhere recently, but it was the voice of authority/trusted recommendation that made it worth looking at. And then, dancing Sunday mornings, Batman, that is great stuff. (Looks like their site is down, so will just keep listening to it on YouTube for now.) Yeah.

Autobloggreen (ok, it’s more newsy than people) says that our fave jellybean will arrive over here . . . only another 2 years to wait, dur. We saw the non-electric version in Japan in 2007, so what’s 4 years to wait for a jellybean? (Why so loved? Maximum space, minimum ride!)

But then The Scotsman showed its mettle with a piece on ear symmetry and dancing skills! So get your dancing shoes and calipers out:

At the Edinburgh Science Festival event, good dancers will be asked to put themselves forward for a dance-off to find the five best among them. The five worst dancers, Prof Wiseman said, would be easier to spot.

Then the ear measuring will commence. Prof Wiseman said researchers suspected the best dancers would have the most symmetrical ears, while the worst dancers would be less equal – though there may only be a few millimetres difference.