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As noted before, I seem to be somewhat rough on my laptops: Kelly and I have twice bought new laptops (new white MacBooks sometimes in the 2000s, then used MacBook Pros in March 2011) at the same time and I have worn mine out first.*

So now I have a question for Mac laptop users (as I will be Time Machining my current laptop & software over to the new one). I am probably moving from a 15″ MBPro to a 13″ and would love to hear user’s experiences with both the 13″ MacBook Pro and the 13″ MacBook Air. (I am tempted to buy the former with a steady-state drive.)

As I mentioned, I appear to be somewhat hard on my laptops—it goes to and from home with me and most of the press’s work is done on it. At any given day I will have Mail, Firefox (which seems to be crashing the current laptop, so I may switch to Chrome), Safari, Word, InDesign, PhotoShop, Preview, QuickBooks, Cyberduck, and I don’t know what else running so I would love to hear from people who are using their laptops for such things. Can the little laptops do these things or should I just go back to the 15″ (5.6 pounds/2.56 kg) monster?

Any help appreciated!

* There is a chance that I wear my laptops out for the same inherited reason I can’t wear a wind-up watch. I was horrified as a kid when I go a watch for the first time from Santa (memory serves: it was a Sekonda!) and it stopped working within a few hours. There’s nothing like the secret horror of thinking you’ve broken your big new present before lunch. I was hugely relieved to discover that my mum can’t wear a wind-up, either. I had a few more watches as a kid, then carried a robot pocketwatch for a while and now with the ubiquity of phones I don’t bother. I might be able to wear a modern, quartz watch, but I’m happy without one now. Besides, why give my “talent” with machinery more opportunity to express itself?

To read pile and oops

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Flurb has a new issue, guest edited by Eileen Gunn which features three authors who also have stories in Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic: Bef, or, Bernardo Fernández, Pepe Rojo, and Alberto Chimal. And, the stories are available in English or Spanish: nice.

If you’re in the Easthampton area, the Garage Annex runs some lovely classes including this weekend letterpressing class with Art Larson that Kelly and I did a couple of years ago.

The Tiptree Award! You have, I hope, gone and read this post already but if not: go on! After being a juror a couple of years ago I know the work that goes in to making the honor list so that now, even more than before, I think the honor list is a real honor and makes for a great reading list.(And: Meeks is on the long list, so yay!)

In the Wiscon newsletter they noted that the James Tiptree, Jr. Award Motherboard “was selected as the recipient of the 2011 Clareson Award. . . . The award is presented at the annual SFRA conference, which will be held this year in Lublin, Poland. Founding members Karen Joy Fowler and Pat Murphy will travel to Poland in July 2011 to accept the award.” I’d never heard of this award but this is lovely new!

And: my laptop died. Oops. So if you try and contact Small Beer/Weightless and don’t hear back it’s because I am doing my damndest (sacrificing chocolate bars, weeping in my beer) to rescue the damned drive and/or get a new one. Yes, I do seem to have a mildly deleterious effect on technology, why do you ask?

Need serious Mac help…

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Yon trusty MacBook was listening to the previous post and promptly gave up the ghost. Which is somewhere between utterly crap and mildly crap and I wondered if there’s anyone out there who can help? (Either in the comments or gjgrant at the google, thanks!)

Of course my backup system, a hodgepodge of very careful and not so careful is now coming back to bite me. Hilariously I had just bought Snow Leopard so that I could automatically continuously back up our laptops. Ha.

I’d been running OS X 10.4 and I’d cloned the 80GB hard drive onto a backup drive (a Time Capsule, but not using Time Machine as it does not work with 10.4). I upgraded it to Snow Leopard (10.6.2) and it ran for a day or so then cra-cra-crashed. I ran it along to the Apple store in Boston who, telling me this was a known issue for that drive and this laptop replaced the drive with a new one (for free) and were going to recycle the drive. Today I went in and rescued the old drive as the cloned hard drive is either corrupt or not working (or I did it wrong) and can’t be opened.

Some of my files are on the office machine, some are backed up using SugarSync but there is some stuff on this dead drive that, if the clone is really useless, I’d love to get at.

The Apple guy here suggested buying a disc enclosure at Best Buy and some data recovery service. I’m thinking I will get a disc enclosure, take it home, see what happens—which will take care of the next couple of hours. I’m in Boston tonight, will be in Easthampton seeing what’s on the backup drive there tomorrow.