A Better Day

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After a shorter night than expected, this is a better day than expected. Mitt Romney’s speech, when at last it came, was gracious. At some point soon perhaps he will be relieved to be off the campaign trail for the first time in many years.

President Obama’s speech was strong. He won the popular vote and the electoral college. He speaks to everyone, not only just communities. In immediately reaching across the aisle and offering to work together in government with the Republican party he offered a way forward for a polarized nation.

I am proud of this country’s continued ability to peacefully run elections and transfer power. That said, I’d vote for election day being a paid, Federal holiday at the drop of a hat. In a participant democracy, voting should be easy, not hard. The NYTimes says the country drifted rightward. No matter which way the country leans, I hope it will continue to tack toward a future where health care, inclusiveness, and the common weal—looking after the 100%—is in the forefront.

As hundreds of thousand of people are still without power—the latest victims of ever worsening weather—I recommend that the PACs and SuperPACs on all sides of the political spectrum send what is left of their funds here:

Red Cross.

First Books.

(Further suggestions welcome!)

Also: yay!


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