InDesign bottleneck

Thu 7 Jul 2011 - Filed under: Not a Journal., , | Leave a Comment | Posted by: Gavin

Dum de dum, new issue of LCRW, dum de dum, redoing a galley, dum de dum, finishing a book, dum de dum, all on hold!

Bugger. The things I can do with technology—and not good things. The “paragraph styles” have disappeared in InDesign on my laptop. I hate re/installing InDesign, it takes foreeeever. So I tried contacting them since I can’t find anything about this problem online.

Good part: they responded in one day instead of the promised three (3 days? really? must be busy people) and they apologized for the trouble.

Bad part: despite paying $$ for InDesign 4—a good but annoying program which won’t even open files properly made in ID3—it turns out to get support I need to buy a support contract. (Ever looked for something on Adobe’s site? Ack!)

Hmm. Let’s check this week’s mail: submissions to LCRW, queries to the press, bills from printers and assorted vendors, random check for $175 to cover a year of support? Er, no. Darn. Morning becomes reinstallation and a prayer, I spose.

Oh well. Aimee Mann has come up on random shuffle and that seems about right.


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