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with orders and shipping having not managed to get into the last week due to it being sunny outside and spending all my time in a beer garden a small cough which managed to throw a wrench in many plans! Sorry about that.

What do we have in the office?

Geoff Ryman’s The Child Garden!

Which comes with a new introduction by Wendy Pearson and a lovely new cover by Kathleen Jennings. The Child Garden was supposed to come out after Paradise Tales but logistics has held that book up so much that now it comes out in July. So, in the meantime: damn, what a book! If you haven’t read it you can start reading it right now here. It’s a weird, great, heartbreaking book. Can’t wait for the 3D movie. I mean, come on, why not? Polar bears playing piano. Who doesn’t want to see that?

What else do we have in the office? A surprise copy of The Night Circus by Erica Morgenstern—sent by the author after she saw my oh-so-sad post last week! Wow, don’t know if anyone’s done that before: thanks Erica!

Also in the office: a contract from an author! But, I’m not going to say anything about it until I confirm that they get my signed copy back in the mail.

One piece of good news from the last week is that we’ve sold about half the run of the limited edition of Hal Duncan’s A-Z of the Fantastic City. Maybe we should always do limitedssss? Also: thank you everyone who wrote or posted about it. You really are lovely people, aren’t you? We kind of needed a wee boost like that and it was wunnerful, you have our thanks.

Looks like next Sunday’s Franciscan Hospital for Children’s 5K walk/run has already raised $90,000! We can’t take part this year but encourage anyone who can. Or, just send them some money! What else were you going to today? Pick up yet another Apple toy?


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