Beer? Books? Tea!

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Go bid on a Small Beer Sixpack at Con or Bust! (Also included: an LCRW subscription, any other non-SBP books we find around the office.) If you bid more than $200 we’ll swap out the local brew sixpack holder for a lovely, handmade, wooden Small Beer Press beer holder which you can proudly tote your beer (or other beverage of choice) around in for years to come.

Who? What? “Con or Bust helps people of color attend WisCon and other SFF conventions that are committed to increasing racial diversity and understanding in science fiction and fantasy fandom and the field generally.”

What’s this Sixpack? Listeners to “Forum with Michael Krasny” on KQED in San Francisco can hear more about it tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at approximately 10:52 because they have some Sixpacks to give out to supporters. San Francisco: get your radio and your books on!

Also, later in spring, WPR in Minnesota will have some, too.

Meanwhile, I just made a pot of Fahari Ya Kenya tea—it’s lovely stuff: a real rocket to the moon. Half the time (actually: more than half) I end up making bog standard tea using Irish or British teabags so it was nice to make a real pot. The tea was brought from Kenya by a local writer, David Rowinski (who will have a story in an upcoming issue of LCRW), who picked it up while visiting his wife, singer Sali Oyugi. He also brought some books and we’ve been listening to one of his wife’s previous CDs, “The Return: Journey to the Source.” This song isn’t on the CD but here’s one of her’s on the mighty Tube:


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