Read the new LCRW before it gets printed

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LCRW 24 cover by Matthew Kirby

Current Issue: Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Number 24

Current location: at the printer.

Current availability: paper edition will mail out next week to subscribers and bookstores. However, the DRM-free PDF ebook is available now.

Additionally: we’ve dropped the price of the LCRW ebook to $4 from this issue on and also for the back issues (more of which should be available later this month). The price has been changed at Fictionwise, too, although that may take a little while to percolate through the system.

US/Canada $5 International $8 Ebook $4

And what’s in this death and radishes issue? Familiar and unfamiliar names! A lack of radishes. A comic by Abby Denson.

As ever one of the aspects we are most pleased about is the number of authors we were previously unfamiliar with. We aren’t the fastest readers out there, but we read everything we’re sent and are regularly delighted to be able to bring new authors to the fore:


Alexander Lamb, “Eleven Orchid Street”
Liz Williams, “Dusking”
Jasmine Hammer, “Tornado Juice”
J. W. M. Morgan, “Superfather”
Dicky Murphy, “The Magician’s Umbrella”
Alissa Nutting, “Leave the Dead to the Living”
Eve Tushnet, “A Story Like Mine”
Dennis Danvers, “The Broken Dream Factory”
Anya Groner, “The Magician’s Keeper”


Gwenda Bond, “Dear Aunt Gwenda”


Neile Graham, “Machrie Moore”
Marina Rubin, “Bordeaux, And Other Mysteries”


Abby Denson, “Heady’s Crush”


Matthew Kirby


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  1. Zashkaser on August 5th, 2009 12:49 pm

    Hey! Racial humor! Thanks, Internet!

  2. lcrw on August 5th, 2009 1:53 pm

    Hey Zashkaer: help us out, please. What are you referring to?

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