2 great things: UK Le Guin + … Vice Magazine!

Wed 14 Jan 2009 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Leave a Comment | Posted by: Gavin

Vice Magazine is consistently surprising. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes, well, Regret Is Us.

Sure, Guernica Magazine (“A magazine of art and politics”) had an interview (done by the local and lovely Alexander Chee in Feb. 2008) with one of our favorite writers, Ursula K. Le Guin, but wherever this link to a new interview came from (sorry), it was one of those happy surprises that show the universe is a lot better organized than expected.

I tend to go off like a firecracker when people seem to be trying to force my work into a belief box, especially the monotheistic one, where I do not belong and do not want to be. Sorry!


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