The LoveSling

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The first story in the new ish of LCRW is “The LoveSling” by newish writer Nick Wolven. Nick’s sold a couple of stories here and there, including Asimov’s and Paradox. One of the things we liked about this story was that it was weird and somewhat cheery—seems like most stories are about the ends of things, and things have, you know, gone badly. This story’s about the end of something and the start of something else, and it’s fun. And, we have a couple of spot illustrations from a Jack of All Trades and Master of More Than You Could Ever Imagine, Chris Nakashima-Brown:

The package was larger than they had expected.

It took up nearly the entire foyer: a battered cardboard box sealed with packing tape. They had to push it down the hall to the bedroom, sliding it over the wood floor. In the bedroom, Andrew cut the packing tape with a key. He reached into the box and drew out a card.

“The LoveSling,” he read. “A dramatic new tool for mega love increasement. For bringing couples together and aggrandizing overall joy. Hooks into most things with facile assembly.” He lowered the card. “It must be from a foreign country.”

“They had a picture in the catalog,” Amy said. “It looked kind of like a spider.”

“And why do we need this thing, again?” Andrew said.

“To give the bed a rest, stud.” Amy knelt by the box. “I thought it would be fun. A new house. A new spouse. A new suite of romantic positions. We’ve worked through three books and two foreign DVDs; we’ve even taken tips from your perverted crew of friends. We’ve exhausted the potentialities of all level surfaces.” She pushed her hair back. “I thought we should effect a comprehensive paradigm shift.”

“I love it when you talk dirty,” Andrew said, and kissed her ear.

Read the rest in LCRW #23.


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