Gidney, Zombie Plans, Cringing, Nothing

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Go get Craig Gidney’s new collection Sea, Swallow Me, and Other Stories—and help pay the man’s medical fees! (What kind of country accepts 10-15% of its citizens as a permanently uninsured underclass? This one. Vote for Obama and a new national health system.)

This is a collection we were gong to buy anyway and this offer from publisher Steve Berman was so irresistible that a check was dropped in the mail today:


Rather than just a royalty, I’d like to offer a pre-pub sale that would give him the entire amount. Yes, I won’t even keep my costs and, since 10% of my profits were to be donated to the >Carl Brandon Society, if you purchase a copy of the book before publication, I’ll still make that pledge. So, $13 goes to Craig and $1.30 goes to Carl Brandon. Books will be sent out via media mail at my cost.

If you’ve already ordered a copy through Amazon, I want to thank you. But that won’t help Craig for months. Plus, I’ll make sure Craig autographs your copy before it is sent out.

I’d prefer payment be sent via check, but you could Paypal it if necessary to lethepress AT aol DOT com. The price is only $13 per book.

Lethe Press
118 Heritage Ave
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Other good things on the web: Kelly’s story “Some Zombie Contingency Plans” is now online as part of John Joseph Adams’s huge new anthology The Living Dead. Coincedentally there was a nice review of Magic for Beginners over at The Fix. And Strange Horizons recently ran Richard Butner’s weird and lovely(?) story “The Secret Identity.”

Did anyone watch the first episode of “Fringe” without spending a lot of time cringing? So many weird and bad things. Best and most hopeful interpretation is that it was a prequel tacked onto the show and that the actual show will be better. Seems over optimistic.

However, to make up for that, the second volume of M.T. Anderson’s second Octavian Nothing is absolutely fantastic.


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  1. Craig Gidney on September 18th, 2008 6:25 pm

    Thanks again for this notice. I truly appreciate it.

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