Sunday in Brooklyn

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blurrybuttons.JPGWe’ll be at the Brooklyn Book Fair on Sunday from 10-6. 10 AM seems a little early, but coming somewhat early in the day may be advisable as we will be selling all books for same price: $10! (We’re not going to bring the hardcover editions of The Ant King or The Baum Plan, but we’ll have plenty of the paperbacks.) That includes Geoff Ryman’s The King’s Last Song and pretty much everything we have in print — even The Best of LCRW and the Harcourt paperback of Magic for Beginners. For big spenders we will have (recycled) canvas bags. For really big spenders, Small Beer Press is available!

buttoneering.JPGWhile Kelly’s new book won’t be out, we will have tiny thing to keep people going: buttons (yes, that flock there) featuring four of Shaun Tan‘s interior illustrations for the book as well as “Pretty Monster” temporary tattoos.

Kelly and Holly Black have also produced their first collaboration: a 4-letter tattoo. Pick yours up at the fair!

Anyone dressed as a zombie gets a free button. Anyone dressed gets a free button. Anyone ina  dressing gown gets two. Anyone undressed gets appluaded.


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