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A couple of stories for Chinese readers:

Jedediah Berry’s “Thumb War” (originally in Pindeldyboz). Don’t think they quite got permission for that. Just the rewards of fame.

The Simplified Chinese translation Kelly Link’s “The Specialist’s Hat” on Celestial’s web site (originally on Ellen Datlow’s Event Horizon).

“When you’re Dead,” Samantha says, “you don’t have to brush your teeth.”
“When you’re Dead,” Claire says, “you live in a box, and it’s always dark, but you’re not ever afraid.”

“你成为“亡者”以后,” 萨曼莎说,“就没必要刷牙了。”
“你成为“亡者”以后,” 克莱尔说,“会呆在一个盒子里,那里永远都是黑的,但你再也不会害怕了。”


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