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Forgot to post these:

Ozzy is giving it away and making the man pay! That’s got to be a go Johnny, go Johnny, go go go! Ozzfest retitled Freefest.

Steve Jobs says things out to be DRM-free and no one really argues. Until EMI say Pay for Play! And people keep not buying their CDs until they realise they are hearing the sound of no cash register ringing.
Latest issue of Words Without Borders is all comics and includes “A Bomb in the Family” by David B.

Bay Area Reporter review of Brothers of the Head, coming soon on DVD.

A piece on Howard Waldrop on the Internet Review of SF (log in required).

Spooky and fantastic Pet Shop Boys video.

Maureen McHugh is part of a group blog, Eat Our Brains. (When you’re asked to comment, just say they asked for it.)

Added our April to August catalog to this page.


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