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Could someone please write something hilarious about Ghost Rider? (Wait, having a giggle fit. Ok. Ready to go on.) What a preview! What a hairstyle! Of course we will be in line the way we were for Batman and
all those other Excellent comic+accessories vehicles. Once known as films.

Next: can someone else do The Number 23? This may kill us if we ever see the preview again. 23! It’s 3×7 (plus a little bit). It’s just one less than 24, which is 6x2x2, which is 4 More than will see this film. It’s Jim Carrey with a dark side (or a 23rd side?). It’s a scary February thing? Nope. That’s the 29th and doesn’t happen this year. Phew. 23. Look at it with half-closed (or drunken) eyes and it’s . . . 23! The age you turned after 22? The number of empty bottles in a case of beer? 23! (Some doofus broke one.) The number of times 23 will be used in this paragraph: 23! Add up the letters of your first and last names. Take that number away from 23. Add the result to the total number of letters in your first and last names. The Answer Is 23! Oh. My. God.


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  1. JeremyT on February 15th, 2007 6:47 pm

    The hubbub about the number 23 is a Discordian/Illuminatus thing. 23 Skidoo, the Law of Fives… it’s been a big conspiracy nerd thing for years. The Discordians at least had a sense of humor about it. Something the movie appears to be sorely lacking.

  2. Fred on February 16th, 2007 8:12 am

    How can it not have a sense of humor? It’s directed by Joel Schumacher, the man who gave the Batsuit nipples!

    I was willing to give “Ghost Rider” the benefit of the doubt for the longest time. I thought the original trailer looked almost cool (unlike a lot of people), and it would be hard for anyone to make a less than silly movie about it. (It’s about a stunt motorcyclist who becomes the devil’s bounty hunter, with a flaming skull and motorcycle. It’s not like that sort of thing screams Merchant-Ivory or anything.) But then I started seeing more of it — the commercials, the interviews with cast and crew — and I realized that yes, this will probably be a very, very silly movie. More worrisome, it will probably be a bad silly movie.

    Oh well. C’est la vie.

  3. Jim Munroe on February 17th, 2007 9:39 am

    It’s been a few months since they’ve posted a new one but I’ll bet Joe takes requests:
    “Reviews of Movies that haven’t come out yet and the reviewer hasn’t seen or otherwise have any real informed idea about.”

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