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Magic for BeginnersWe are far away. Cat Sparks posted some pics to prove it. Gavin may look peely wally but rumors of his death proved to be a little premature. How much we’re not telling.

Kelly is now teaching at the Clarion South workshop just outside of Brisbane. She’ll be reading at a local bookshop on Thursday night. But if you live in Brisbane (and you care about these things) you probably already know that. Otherwise, besides (the awesome) Galaxy in Sydney, you can get signed copies of Magic for Beginners at Pulp Fiction in Brizzy (as we are told to say).

And, look, the first appearance of the UK edition of Magic for Beginners. It is such a beautiful edition with shiny bits and bumpy bits and art on the inside of the covers. Wow. Comes out prop’ly Feb. 5th. Maybe we can go to the UK and see it there, too.


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  1. Ellen Kushner on February 4th, 2007 11:24 am

    I think you both look lovely! These are great photos. People look nice to be with, too. Enjoy! (I command you.)

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