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Good news for Ellen Kushner, her novel The Privilege of the Sword is on the preliminary Nebula ballot—along with lots of other good books by Rick Bowes, Paul Park, Jeff Ford, David Marusek, etc., etc. Barzak, Delia Sherman, Dora Goss, and many other interesting things on there. What fun.

Ellen will also be at the New York ComicCon at the Bantam Spectra booth and will be signing and giving away 100 copies of TPOTS (sometime between Feb. 23-25).
Lasty, Ellen reports that Privilege has been sold to a Dutch publisher. More swashbuckling around the world!
On rights sales that (sadly) really don’t have anything to with us except that it’s cool, Sean Stewart’s Perfect Circle has sold to the following: La Factoria de Ideas, Spain; Fabryka Publishing, Poland; and Karisto Oy, Finland.


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