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January means it’s time for another Tiptree Award anthology (once more cleanly designed by John Berry). This year’s is the third in this series and has a ToC that just shines, baby, shines. Ted Chiang, Timmi DuChamp, Ursula K. Le Guin, Margo Lanagan, Nalo Hopkinson, Aimee Bender, Tiptree.
Also out on the tubes: an
interview with Cindy of Doris zine fame. Yes, you should order it.

And after you read that interview check out the glory that is ZineWiki. Or should that be the Time Sink That Is ZineWiki? For it is indeed an amazing place. Phew. Get to work, you heathens! Edit, Edit, Edit!

Another interview: Tim Sandlin in the Jan. issue of Bookslut—which has a lot of good reading. Sandlin is the author of Skipped Parts, a hilarious read, and has a new novel coming out next week or so, Jimi Hendrix Turns Eightywhich, if you like labels, is maybe near-future social science fiction. Or, a fun read in which a bunch of old baby boomers (although sadly not Jimi) rebel against their unfair captivity. Give it to any boomer and watch them whine about how it wasn’t like that in the Sixties and anyway, how would you know, were you at Berkeley in ’68? I didn’t think so.
(Exit, laughing.)

And: Sean & Co. are busy again. Win a trip to space. Immerse, immerse!


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