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Did we ever post these? No. Ooops. Been working on our MySpaceShip page. (It will be shiny, shiny, shiny! The spaceship. Not the page. Which will not ever exist. Until it does.)

Actually, we have been driving (hence everything being slow) and being awestruck at the devastated New Orleans. Democrats who just gained power: get to work.
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Ain’t it Cool News takes on the challenge of Alan‘s collection.
Gwenda pointed us to our next car. Not saying which one.
Richard points toward this Flickr set of an ancient zine:

“The first issue of the magazine produced inside the WWI camp for English POWs in Germany. My grandfather, Sol Geduld, was the German-born son of a British subject (Harris Geduld) and put in Ruhleben at the age of 8 in the year 1915 where he lived for one year until he was traded with his father in exchange for two German prisoners.”

A recent note from the lovely folk in Cauheegan and Seattle (that would be Payseur & Schmidt — join their list at [email protected]), informed us of a few lovely oddities slipping out into the world:

John Clute and 30 Amazing Illustrators – The Darkening Garden: A Lexicon of Horror

The wait is over. Our second beautiful hardcover book is back from the printers and ready to ship. Those of you who pre-ordered will be getting your copies very soon. If you haven’t pre-ordered, now’s your chance to own this stunning, limited-edition book. John Clute explores the darker side of the fantastic with 30 motifs of horror, each accompanied by a full page illustration from a talented artist, illustrator, or designer. This material will eventually be incorporated into the author’s not-yet-published scholarly opus, The Encyclopedia of the Fantastic. 170 pages, casebound, signed and numbered by the author, and limited to 500 copies. $45.00

Postcards of Doom

This exclusive set of 30 lovely postcards highlights the hot young illustrators and artists who grace the pages of John Clute’s Darkening Garden. Printed by Payseur & Schmidt’s specialty printing pals thingmakers.net, this postcard set is housed in a deluxe die-cut box (which itself is illustrated by Adam Grano.) Limited to 300 numbered sets. $20.00

Therese Littleton – Teeth

A story of genetic transformation, interspecies conflict, and fresh seafood by Therese Littleton, author of A Case for Cannibalism and The Diving Belle. Signed and numbered limited edition of 125. 18 pages. Deluxe screen printed jacket. Each hand-stitched chapbook comes with a unique souvenir shark’s tooth. $10 plus shipping.

The shark’s tooth is a real eye-catcher, as it were.


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